Eagle Pass Public Library

 According with the Eagle Pass News Guide published on February 27, 1997, at 1927 a group of women, who were studying art, music, literature, decided Eagle Pass should have a public library. On April 15, 1939, with the help of WPA labor, Maverick County erected a small building on Quarry St., housing 7,000 books. 

From 1939 to 1965 the Library was an Associated Library, supported by City and County grants plus regular dues paid by the Association members. The City of Eagle Pass passed Ordinance 65-6 dated March 3, 1965 officially making the library a department of the City, to obtain the old Post Office building from the Federal Government, in addition, was stipulated the building would have to be properly used as a public library for at least 20 years requiring yearly reports to verify the use. 

If the library had not been maintained according to these requirements, it would have reverted to the U.S. Government.