Library Policies

Internet Access


Library Card

The Eagle Pass Public Library will be requiring new and returning patrons to apply for a brand new library card.

The new library card issued will be required not just for checking out books, but to gain access to the computer lab.

The information needed to update/obtain your new library card is:

  1. A photo ID (a birth certificate for children with their parent/guardian)
  2. A proof of residence (apart from the provided photo ID, should it have it)

The proof of residence can be anything you receive through your mailing address with matching name and/or matching address to the photo ID. The library will also accept voter cards and automobile insurance as proof of residence.

Should a child wish to apply for a library card, the parent/guardian must first have their own library card in place. The child will have their account linked to the parent/guardian and said parent/guardian will be agreeing to take responsibility for any activity their child(ren) take(s) part in with their issued library card such as overdue materials and computer activity.

Please take note that when applying for the new library card, staff will require a photo to be taken of the patron which will be displayed on the library card.

Computer Lab Usage

Beginning with the opening of the Eagle Pass Public Library, a patron who wants to gain access to any computer must have an issued, new library card. The library card will allow patrons to access any computer for a 2-hour limit each day.

The 2-hour limit can be used at the patron's convenience either all in one session or broken up into parts. It is up to each patron to make sure that the session is fully ended to ensure that no other patron may use up any available time should the need to return later in the day arise in order to continue using the computer lab.

There are some exceptions to the issuing of the library card:

  1. If our card printer cannot issue a brand new card on the day the patron asks for one, a temporary card will be issued instead. It will be the responsibility of the patron to ask on their next visit for the new card.
  2. If a patron happens to be a visitor to Eagle Pass and its library, library staff may issue temporary access to a computer if they can prove their address is not part of Eagle Pass. The same patron will be asked to get a library card on their next visit. Fees may be collected at the time of issuing the library card based on where the patron is originally residing.

Please take note that if you have any pending fines for due books, the new system will not allow you access to a computer until the fine is paid and cleared from your account.